Paris,  June   22,  2017  –  GenSight  Biologics  (Euronext:  SIGHT,  ISIN:  FR0013183985,   PEA-PME eligible),  (“GenSight  Biologics”  or  the  “Company”),  a  biotechnology   company   discovering   and developing  novel  gene  therapies  for neurodegenerative  retinal  diseases  and diseases  of the central nervous system, today announced the launch of a capital increase of around €20 million.

The funds raised will be allocated to prepare the launch of GS010 in Europe and the United States, and especially the financing related to the marketing and market access, as well as the establishment  of a marketing infrastructure.

Gross proceeds from the transaction are expected to be approximately €20 million. The purpose of this capital increase is to finance preparations for the marketing of GS010 and improve the financial visibility for the Company through to the 1st quarter of 2019.

This fund raising will correspond to a maximum of 3,908,090 new shares, with a par value of €0.025 per share,  representing  approximately  20%  of the outstanding  share  capital  of the Company  on a non- diluted basis. The subscription price per share will be determined in accordance with the 22nd resolution of the combined general assembly of May 31, 2017.

The subscription price per share will be set in accordance with the 22nd  resolution of the extraordinary general meeting of the shareholders of the Company held on May 31, 2017. The subscription price per share  will  be  set  at  a  maximum  discount  of  15%  to  the  volume  weighted  average  price  of  the Company’s  shares over the last 3 trading days before pricing, namely June 20 to June 22, 2017, in accordance  with  the  22nd   resolution  of  the  combined  general  meeting  of  the  shareholders  of  the Company held on May 31, 2017.

The capital  increase  is open  only to the categories  of investor  (including  legal)  defined  in the 22nd resolution abovementioned (i.e habitually investing in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, ophthalmological, neurodegenerative diseases or medical technologies sectors).

The issue of new shares will be subject to a book-building process for qualified investors in accordance with Article  3.2(a) of the European  Directive  2003/71/EC  of the European  Parliament  and European Council  dated  November  4,  2003  (as  amended)  and  meeting  the  predetermined  criteria  within  the European Economic Area, and in certain other countries.

The Company will announce the results of the capital increase as soon as possible after closing of the book-building  in a subsequent  press release. Settlement  and delivery of the new shares and the new shares’ admission to trading is expected to occur on June 27, 2017 on the regulated market of Euronext in Paris.

Simultaneously  with  the  determination  of the  final  terms  and  conditions  of the  capital  increase,  the Company will enter into a lock-up agreement ending 90 calendar days after the date of the pricing of the offering, subject to certain customary exceptions.

Persons acting on behalf of the Company (executives  and/or directors) have also entered into similar lock-up agreements with regard to the Company’s shares that they hold.

A  listing  prospectus,   incorporating   the  2016  registration   document,  registered  with  the  AMF  on April 28, 2017,   under   number   R.17-036,   available   free   of   charge   from   the   Company   website (   and/or   website   of  the  Autorité   des  marchés   financiers   (www.amf-, together with a Securities Note, containing a summary of the prospectus in French and in English, will be submitted to the AMF, with a view to receiving its approval. Attention is drawn to the risk factors related to the Company and its activities presented in chapter 4 of its registration document.

This press release does not constitute a prospectus within the meaning of the Prospectus Directive nor a public offering.

About GenSight Biologics

GenSight Biologics S.A. (GenSight Biologics) is a clinical-stage biotechnology  company discovering and developing novel  therapies  for  neurodegenerative  retinal  diseases  and  diseases  of  the  central  nervous  system.  GenSight Biologics’ pipeline leverages two core technology platforms, the Mitochondrial Targeting Sequence (MTS) and optogenetics   for  retinitis   pigmentosa,   to  help  preserve   or  restore   vision  in  patients   suffering   from  severe degenerative retinal diseases. GenSight Biologics’ lead product candidate, GS010, is in Phase III trials in Leber’s Hereditary  Optic Neuropathy  (LHON),  a rare mitochondrial  disease  that leads to irreversible  low vision and legal blindness  in  teens  and  young  adults.  Using  its  gene  therapy-based   approach,   GenSight  Biologics’  product candidates  are  designed  to be  administered  in a single  treatment  to each  eye  by  intravitreal  injection  to offer patients a sustainable functional visual recovery.


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